Anslem Oshionebo



Anslem Oshionebo is dedicated to his community in Dallas, TX, always looking for opportunities to help his neighbor or give back to people near him. To Anslem, life is about coming together with others and helping people out so that everyone may live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. He currently partakes in several philanthropic activities that benefit people in his community.

First, Anslem volunteers to teach 4-year-old children at a local church. He is passionate about education and providing educational opportunities for all people. Anslem understands that children who get an early start on education are better prepared for their schooling, so he hopes that by teaching them, he can set them up for success.

Second, Anslem Oshionebo volunteers as a soccer coach for a local team. Anslem also wants to encourage people to exercise and stay in shape for their health, and he believes that playing a sport is one of the easiest and most fun ways to do so. He hopes that he can coach his team to be sportsmanlike, as well as push them to improve their physical fitness.

Anslem’s dedication to helping others is not limited to these activities. He is also a proud supporter of the Anslem Esi Foundation, an organization that provides learning materials to school kids in Nigeria. Anslem knows that children in other countries are not always able to access a quality education, and he hopes that through his support, he can provide an educational opportunity to more children, further improving educational conditions in Nigeria and around the world.

While Anslem Oshionebo is a passionate philanthropist and advocate for education, he is also a leader in his professional life. Anslem helped to build Ping Express, a money-transfer service that allows for quick, cost-effective, and simple transfers. Anslem currently as a fintech professional and entrepreneur. 

Anslem Oshionebo’s background is in financial services and business, particularly in accounting, forensic finances, and financial compliance. In addition, Anslem hopes to utilize his position to benefit charitable organizations, whether by directly helping them or by spreading awareness to their causes.

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