Joy in The Midst of Little

I grew up in a society where a significant portion of the population was encouraged to pursue education, including attending school and college. However, the harsh reality was that many families couldn’t afford the essential supplies necessary for their children to complete their education. This wasn’t due to any lack of desire on their part; rather, it was a consequence of the pervasive poverty in our community. Some parents struggled to provide even basic necessities like food, let alone the resources required for their kids’ education.


In this challenging environment, I witnessed countless individuals with dreams of becoming doctors or achieving other aspirations, only to face insurmountable financial barriers that prevented them from paying school fees or acquiring necessary materials. Despite these difficulties, a remarkable spirit prevailed – a resilience that manifested as smiles on our faces. Even in the midst of scarcity, there was joy, and our hope for a better future remained unwavering.


Studying without electricity, often relying on a humble kerosene lantern, never deterred us from pursuing our aspirations. It is my sincere hope and prayer that we can collectively support the dreams of numerous children who yearn to make a positive impact. Since 2015, I’ve been actively involved in a voluntary initiative, donating chairs and tables to elementary school students. This effort is facilitated through Anslem Esi Foundation, a privately funded organization. The joy reflected on the faces of both teachers and students when they receive these resources is truly priceless.


Let’s strive to make a difference, no matter how small, and contribute to the aspirations of the many kids in Africa who are eager to shape their futures. Together, we can be catalysts for positive change.

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  1. Your words have resonated with us and we can’t wait to read more of your amazing content. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with the world.

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